Venezuela - a Journey into the 'Lost World' - Nomadic Travel
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Nomadic clients, Geordie Taylor and his 3 amigos have just returned from the surreal landscapes of Roraima in deepest Venezuela  where they trekked through rain-soaked jungles before ascending to the summit of Triple Point atop the great rock walls of this immense sandstone plateau. 

En route from Caracas to the start of their trek they flew in a private charter via Angel Falls (the highest waterfall in the world at almost 1000m) and the trek itself included walking underneath (and through!) a similar sized cascade.  Their trek ascended a steep passage up through the vertiginous rock walls and on to the ‘table-top’ of this imposing plateau to enter the ‘Lost World’ above the clouds. They returned with a huge feeling of accomplishment, and also a wonderful series of photos which you can view here – please click on the following weblink:

Thanks guys for sharing these amazing images with us!